At Pinetop Country Club, we believe that sharing laughter and kindness with family and friends creates lasting memories.

Our club, with its outdoor culture, is the hub of our North Eastern Arizona social universe and is a place where we can truly relax and have fun. On approach, there’s a calming effect that causes our tensions to release and the grip on the steering wheel to loosen, as we leave the heat of the desert and take in the cool mountain air.

We’ve created our own version of a private country club…which is really more like summer camp for grownups.  We value spending time and creating memories with our families and friends while enjoying a round of golf, a game of cards, fishing, hiking, playing tennis, pickleball, or a
heart-pounding adventure skiing or sledding.

We believe that Pinetop Country Club is where life is fully lived…
Join us and come see how WE DO SUMMER!